ShareX -- 多功能开源分享软件 [Win]

November 26, 2013

原文先载于 Appinn

ShareX 是一个开源免费,功能丰富的分享软件。@Appinn

ShareX 是一个开源软件(Github)。它的功能多到夸张,支持分享文字,文件,截图到 ......

Coin wants to replace all your cards

November 25, 2013

Just like Square want to change the way people accept credit card, Coin wants to reinvent the way p......

SnappyApp -- 快速截屏工具 限免 [OS X]

November 22, 2013

原文先载于 Appinn

在 Mac 上常用的截屏方法有系统默认的 Cmd + Shift + (Ctrl) + 3/4,还有之前介绍的 Skitch。SnappyApp 则提供了一个特殊的截......

2013-11-19 Hackpad

November 19, 2013


title: Hackpad -- 网络即时协作文档

date: 2013-11-19


原文先载于 Appinn

Hackpad 能方便的创立网络文档,并与......

MarkdownEditing -- a must-have package for markdown writing on Sublime text

November 13, 2013

MarkdownEditing is a package developed by Brett. It's beautifully designed with customed theme a......